sproggs.com is a website showing samples of illustrations by Kati Teague. If you are interested in finding out more about the artist or commissioning artwork, you can contact Kati directly through this website. Kati is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)


I have been iIllustrating children's books since 1981, working on over 60 books which have been published internationally in over 14 languages

I specialise in multicultural and educational publications, mainly for pre-school and primary school age children. My books are available both commercially and also in schools and public libraries.

In 1991 I was invited by The Publishers Association of Tanzania and The Commonwealth Foundation as a resource person on the Children's Book Project.

My role was to co-ordinate and conduct workshops and lectures during a 20 day seminar, liaising with Tanzanian writers, artists and curriculum development personnel from the Ministry of Education.

The objective was to offer training in order to enable the attendees to produce and publish books and educational materials, with relevant content and at an affordable price, for Tanzanian children.

This project is still ongoing today.

In 1997 I was invited to Ghana as the primary resource person on a similar project being run by The Mmofra (Children's) Foundation and Unicef.
The main objective here was to provide a forum for illustrators, publishers, educators and social policy makers to communicate with each other and develop a discourse on the education and development of children through books, with an emphasis on equality between boys and girls.

I go back to Ghana frequently - 3 trips so far in 2006 and another trip planned for this October.